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Calendar Raffle – coming soon!

Hello again friends of Wayne UNICO!

It’s been a while since we posted, but we have some fun stuff coming up soon. First, we are once again running a fundraiser for a calendar contest. A variety of really nice prizes will be raffled off, each day in a given month. We are hoping to have this ready in time for May, but if not, look for it in June. While this is still a work in progress, you can take a look at the current list of prizes here.

Our golf outing, which is normally held in the fall timeframe is earlier this year – May 22nd is the planned date, right here in Wayne at Preakness Valley Golf Course, the county course located on Totowa Road in Wayne. It will be followed by a post-outing dinner at The Barnyard Carriage House. We will post updates on the main page when we have all the details set.

Wayne UNICO is once again committed to helping our local students. This year, we are sponsoring four students – two at Wayne Valley High School, and two at Wayne Hills High School. These deserving students will each receive $500 as a scholarship as they enter their first year of college. When the recipients are announced, we will congratulate them on our site!

Thank you,
Brian, Secretary, Wayne UNICO